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About Us


Our Customers

Provide quality product and service to promote a more joyful life.


Our People

Advancement of our people in thought and actions.


Our Commitment

To incrementally affect positive change in our community.

About Us

At Club Canapa Cannabis, we believe in the responsible use of organic substance to experience life joyfully in the pursuit of a more evolve Life. We believe each individual has the responsibility to strive for a more conscious world without boundaries. Our aim is to give to our members more in use value than we take in cash value. We are local own and responsible to;

High End Products

Our goal is to source high-end quality crafted flowers that are process machine free and hand batched from micro growers across the country.

Health Products

We also look to source balanced CBD and THC products for our members that are looking for a balance experience for health reasons.

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Call:416 546 1904